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About me

Information about my experience and how i got started turning is below

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Burcote Wood Turning - About Me





After leaving school I had an apprenticeship as a tool maker, I then worked in a printing factory supporting envelope making machines, had 2 years in a prototype engineering firm before returning to envelope machine support.

After 13 years of that I had a change of direction to installing and servicing vehicle lifts after 10 years of that I changed direction again within the same firm to servicing and repairing engine analysers and exhaust emission analysers, when the MOT test included emission testing this involved the tester being controlled by a computer found my self in the dark art of computers.

When the opportunity to retire a bit early came up I took it fast and now spend most of my time turning and enjoying my free time without the hassles of work.

How I got into woodturning is fairly simple, one of my customers ran a car tuning business from home and when I called to repair a piece of his equipment he was turning some parts for toys, as I watched him I thought that looks easy I could do that, how wrong can you be, anyway 14 years later I am still at it with, according to my "friends" a bit of a way to go yet, however what do they know.

My wife still says how "nice" the latest piece is, but they never seem to be on show, I shall have to ask her how she keeps the wood burning stove going when we never buy any wood?

Still as a another "friend" says just think of your turnings as designer fire wood, thanks a lot...

I attend craft fairs regularly and details of these are in the calendar below (click on a date and the details of the craft fair will show), if you would like to know more about me or woodturning in general, please feel free to come along, when space permits at a venue I usually have a small lathe on hand for demonstration purposes. It is always good to meet new people interested in wood items or woodturning in general, so I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.






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