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Commissioned Woodturning

Interested in commissioning me?, then please see below

Burcote Wood Turning - Commissioned Woodturning





I am quite regularly asked to do commission work for people that see me at shows or who know me, and I am open to offers for commissions.

I tned to accept work on a job by job basis after hearing about the job and discussing it with the customer, so the best thing to do if you are interested in me commissioning a piece of work for you is to either contact me by one of the contact methods here, or alternatively if you have time and are in the area feel free to drop into one of the craft fairs I attend, we can then discuss the commission you would like done or any other aspect of woodturning you may be interested in.

The craft fairs and events I am attending are detailed on the calendar below (Just click on the highlighted dates to view the information about that particular craft fair or event)

Some examples of the kind of work I have been commissioned to make recently are replacement table and chair legs, restoration work on table and chair legs, larger size knitting needles, bowls, fruit, staircase spindels and posts and also balltops for the tops of the staircase posts.

Obviously the commissioning work I am asked to do is usually quite varied depending on the customer and their tastes, but it should give you a brief overview of some of the work I have done before.






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