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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked a lot are listed below with their corresponding answers

Burcote Wood Turning - Frequently Asked Questions



Do you commission individual pieces or sets by commission?

Yes I do accept commissioning work, depending on the work and the commissions I have outstanding at the time, please click here for more details about commissioning work, or here to contact me about the details of the work you have in mind.


Do you make all of the work that you have on show?

Yes I do make all of the items that i have on show, on the rare occasion I have something for sale at a show that is not turned by myself it is marked as such, this is only usually if a friend has retired and wants me to sell the remainder of their work for them.


Where do you get the wood you use?

I always try to use woods from sustainable sources, damaged trees, wind blown or felled because they are in danger of falling through age or size.

For Antique restoration I always try where possible to use contemporary timber, usually salvaged from damaged pieces of furniture of the same period, this can sometimes be a good match for both grain and colour, but not always.


Do you recycle old/unwanted items into other objects?

Yes sometimes if an item or piece of furniture is damaged or unwanted but the wood is still in fine condition, another item can be made from it. This is also true of an item or piece of furniture that has been in the family for a long time it can be turned into something different but still retain the heritage of the orginal whilst continuing on in a different form.



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